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Vrum Simulado

Car and motorcycle simulator for driver's licence test training. Includes pratical and theorical content.

Made at ThinkBox Games.
Released in 2014.


Vrum - Aprendendo sobre o trânsito

Car simulator, alowing teenagers learn main traffic rules.
Winner of 2013 International Serious Play Award. 

Made at ThinkBox Games.
Relased in 2012.


Tap to Flip

Casual action game. Tap screen to make more flips you can.

Relased in 2017.


Kami - The Guardian

Frenetic action game. Use your magic hair to defeat your enemies and protect your sanctuary.
Winner of Best Game GameDev Extreme Award.

Made at GGJ2017.
Released in 2017.



Minimalist puzzle. Tap pieces do rotate it, revealing the hiden figure.
Winner of 2016 Red Bull Mind Gamers.

Made at GGJ2016.
Relased in 2016.


Sumo Tech

Local multiplayer, competitive, sumo game, you have to push your opponent outside the stage.

Made at Unipê.
Relased in 2013.